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About EESH

Emanate - Educational Sessions Highlights (EESH) is dedicated to archiving and disseminating the content of educational conferences, workshops, seminars, and academic meetings. Recognized for its rapid dissemination and accessibility, every entry in EESH is a direct representation of its foundational aim: to capture the intellectual essence of educational dialogues happening in real time.

EESH Proceedings Details:

  • Abbreviated Name: EESH
  • Publication Nature: Proceedings of educational conferences, workshops, seminars, and academic meetings.
  • Publication Frequency: Volumes are curated based on the quality and significance of presented works, ensuring scholarly excellence and insightful perspectives.

Categories Covered:

EESH specializes in publishing proceedings from a diverse range of educational discussions. The categories include but are not limited to:

  • Innovative Methodologies: Exploring fresh approaches to teaching and instruction.
  • Digital Learning Trajectories: Charting the evolution and integration of technology in education.
  • Curriculum Evolution: Tracing changes in course content and structure.
  • Educational Psychology Nuances: Delving into the cognitive, emotional, and social processes involved in learning.
  • Interdisciplinary Research: Bridging the gap between educational practices and other fields, including cultural studies, fiscal governance, pedagogical insights, sustainability research, and communication studies.

Editorial Structure:

  • Publishing Editor: Oversees the entire publishing process, ensuring high industry standards and prompt content dissemination.
  • Series Editor: Directs each proceedings series within EESH. Ensures the quality, relevance, and originality of presented works.
  • Review Assurance: Each entry undergoes a stringent peer review. This process maintains the integrity of the academic conversations captured within the series.

Ethical Compliance:

All entries and contributors firmly adhere to EESH's guiding ethical principles, preserving the authenticity of academic discourses within the series.

ISSN Information and Title Consistency:

  • E-ISSN Acquisition: In progress.
  • Source of ISSN: From The General Directorate of Libraries and Publications of the Ministry of Culture of Turkey.
  • Series Title Consistency: Coherence maintained between our platform and the official ISSN registry.
  • Display of ISSN: The E-ISSN will be visibly displayed on our main webpage upon approval.

Core Features:

  • Type: Capturing and showcasing the essence of educational dialogues.
  • Publication Language: English.
  • Ethical Adherence: Commitment detailed at [Link to series ethics].

Vision, Scope, and Aims:

EESH stands at the nexus of academic conversations and deliberations. For a comprehensive understanding of our scope and aims, visit [Link to editorial details].

Publisher's Note & Ethical Standards:

Emanate Publishing House Ltd. powers EESH with the primary goal of widespread recognition and indexation. Our Code of Ethics underscores our unwavering commitment to the highest standards.

EESH Features:

  • Review Rigor: Guarantee of academic authenticity.
  • Open-Access: Expansive reach.
  • Indexation: Including platforms like Google Scholar.
  • Plagiarism: Employs iThenticate.
  • DOI: Distinct IDs for each proceedings.
  • Archival: Collaboration with CLOCKSS.

For queries, please contact our team at Admissions@Emanate.Education.

About European Series on Social and Behavioral Insights (EESH):

EESH is a freely accessible proceedings series, dedicated to meticulous peer-review and high-caliber academic content. It captures global educational dialogues, emphasizing interdisciplinary research in social and behavioral studies. Each volume is evaluated for potential inclusion in recognized indices such as the Web of Science Core Collection™ Conference Proceedings Citation Index - Humanities & Social Disciplines (HSD-CPCI) and Google Scholar.

Due to the submission volume, those resonating with the global Web of Science audience are prioritized. EESH recognizes the variable nature of assessment timelines and cannot ensure acceptance or definitive timeframes for the completion of indexing processes.

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