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Series: Emanate - Highlights from the Drug Abuse and Addiction Studies Sessions

Upcoming Volume: Effective Drug Control Strategies in Northern Cyprus: Challenges and Opportunities in 2024

Proceedings of the Panel on "Effective Drug Control Strategies in Northern Cyprus: Challenges and Opportunities in 2024", 15-17 April 2024, Kyrenia, Cyprus

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About the Proceeding

The volume contains selected, peer-reviewed papers from the Panel on Effective Drug Control Strategies in Northern Cyprus: Challenges and Opportunities in 2024 Conference on Marketing and Retailing (EDCS-NC, 2024), which was held on April 15-19, 2024, in Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus.

The proceedings presented here cover a wide array of themes within addiction studies, from the intricate biochemical underpinnings of addiction to the profound societal impacts of substance-related and behavioral addictions.

The thematic sections of the panel were included in this volume reflect the diverse and multifaceted nature of addiction studies:

  • Biochemical Complexities of Addictions: Exploring the molecular and genetic factors that contribute to addictive behaviors, as discussed in various papers including the analysis of new psychoactive substances and their pharmacological activities.
  • Societal Consequences of Substance-Related Addictions: Examining the broader social implications and challenges posed by substance abuse, such as the impact of drug use on workplace safety and the development of national and international drug control policies.
  • Behavioral Addictions and Their Implications: Investigating non-substance-related addictions and their effects on individuals and communities, highlighting innovative treatment approaches like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).
  • Prevention and Intervention Strategies: Highlighting effective approaches to preventing and treating addiction, with a focus on inter-institutional coordination and strategic action plans for drug control.
  • Policy and Legal Considerations in Addiction: Discussing the regulatory and legal frameworks that shape addiction treatment and prevention efforts, particularly the strategies implemented in Türkiye and their potential applications in Northern Cyprus.
  • Workplace Drug Testing: Addressing the challenges and opportunities of implementing drug testing in workplace settings to ensure safety and compliance with legal regulations.
  • Innovative Therapies in Substance Abuse Treatment: Exploring recent technological advancements and innovative approaches in addiction therapy, including the use of virtual reality and other modern interventions.

13 full papers were subjected to a single-blind review process and 9 full papers were accepted for publication. This volume has been curated with meticulous care by our distinguished editorial board, led by Prof. Dr. Kultegin Ogel from Kent University, Turkey.

The conference program and presentations are available at the https://panel2024.org/

This event was organized by:

 The Prime Minister's Office of Northern Cyprus
 Northern Cyprus Anti-Drug Commission, Cyprus

 Ankara University, Ankara, Türkiye

 International Cognitive and Behavioural Psychotherapies Society (CBPis), Cyprus

This event has been sponsored by:

 Municipality of Gönyeli-Alayköy, Cyprus
 Acapulco Hotel, Cyprus


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