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EMPAS - Emanate Proceedings of Addiction Studies (EMPAS)

Aims and Scope

Emanate Proceedings of Addiction Studies (EMPAS) is an international open access proceedings published by Emanate Publishing House Ltd. EMPAS aims to make a significant and timely contribution to the development of knowledge on the subject of substance-related addictions and behavioral addictions in terms of theory and practice, with a particular emphasis on current research and thinking in this field.

EMPAS publishes both empirical and theoretical works, e.g. experimental studies, meta analyses, longitudinal studies, and case studies. Both quantitative, qualitative and mixed method studies are welcome. A more detailed description of the works accepted are available under Article Categories here.

Topics can cover but are not limited to:

Substance Use Disorders

  • nicotine use and dependence,
  • alcohol use and dependence,
  • cannabis use and dependence,
  • illicit and prescription drugs use and dependence,


Behavioral Addictions

  • gambling addiction
  • Internet addiction
  • social Networking
  • food addiction
  • sex addiction
  • exercise addiction


Addiction Assessment & Treatment

  • assessment techniques,
  • addiction treatment,
  • harm reduction and recovery support.


Book and conference Proceedings Titles

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