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Editorial Independence and Peer Review Policy

Editorial Independence: Emanate Publishing House Ltd. (EPH) is committed to maintaining editorial independence. This ensures impartiality in editorial decisions, free from undue influences, aligning with COPE’s Core Practices. In sponsored publications, sponsors must not influence editorial decisions, maintaining transparency about their roles.

Peer Review Policy: EAISS upholds the peer review process as essential for ensuring research quality. The process is either single or double-blind, detailed on the series' Code of Ethics page.

Peer Review Process:

  • Single-blind: Reviewers' identities hidden from authors.
  • Double-blind: Anonymity for both reviewers and authors.

Reviewer Selection: Reviewers are chosen based on expertise and publication history, avoiding conflicts of interest. Diversity in terms of academic affiliation, geography, and gender is considered.

Peer Review Workflow: Submissions undergo a review process managed by the conference's organizing committee and external reviewers, adhering to EPH’s ethical policies. The review process specifics are outlined in the Frontmatter of each Proceedings.

Editorial Responsibilities: The editorial team follows the Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors, ensuring content integrity and compliance with COPE's retraction guidelines. The responsibility for content, perspectives, and recommendations lies with the authors.

Peer Reviewer Guidance: Reviewers adhere to EPH’s Ethical Policy, Peer Review Policy, and COPE's Guidelines, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Peer Reviewer Recognition: EPH acknowledges the importance of peer review, partnering with Publons to credit reviewers' contributions.

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