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Open Access and Copyright Policy

Open Access

Emanate Publishing House Ltd. (EPH) embraces the principles of Open Access (OA) publishing across all our publications. This commitment ensures the broad dissemination of research, offering unrestricted access to scientific works. Our Open Access model is aligned with the "Gold Open Access" initiative, featuring articles under Creative Commons Licenses (CC BY or CC BY-NC-ND). These licenses ensure that articles are immediately, freely, and permanently available online for everyone, facilitating the reading, downloading, and sharing of the content.

Conference organizers collaborate with EPH, outlining pricing and conditions on their respective websites. Authors or their sponsors are required to pay an Article Publication Charge (APC) during conference registration. This fee, covered by the conference organizers, encompasses the publication cost, ensuring no additional charges for authors.

APC Waiver Policy

To promote global academic engagement, particularly from countries with economic challenges, EPH offers partial APC waivers. These waivers range from 50% for authors from low-income nations to 25% for those from lower-middle-income nations, as categorized by the World Bank. Corresponding authors can request these waivers post-editorial acceptance of their manuscripts. Detailed information is available on the respective Author Instructions and Guidelines page of the journal/book series.


Copyright in scholarly works belongs exclusively to the authors. It empowers authors to control the use and distribution of their research, ensuring they can decide how their work is utilized and shared.

Creative Commons Licenses

Creative Commons licenses manage the automatic attachment of copyright to creative works. These licenses offer flexible and legally robust terms for sharing and reusing materials. Six core licenses are available through Creative Commons.

  • CC BY: This license is the most permissive, allowing free access and reuse of original works without permission or fees, provided authors are credited. It supports use in any format, including commercial applications. License Details, Legal Code.

  • CC BY-NC-ND: As the most restrictive license, it permits free access and non-commercial reuse of original works without seeking permission, as long as authors are credited. License Details, Legal Code.

For more information on Creative Commons licenses, please visit Creative Commons.

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