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Emanate - Highlights from the Drug Abuse and Addiction Studies Sessions (EHASS) emerges as a pivotal platform in the expansive realm of addiction research proceedings. Celebrated for its unwavering commitment to academic excellence, rapid dissemination, and vast accessibility, EHASS offers an inclusive platform covering multifaceted themes within addiction studies — from the biochemical nuances to the societal ramifications of both substance-related and behavioral addictions.

EHASS Proceedings Details:

  • Abbreviated Name: EHASS
  • Publication Nature: Proceedings from sessions related to addiction studies.
  • Publication Frequency: Volumes are curated based on the quality and significance of presented works, ensuring scholarly excellence and insightful perspectives.

Categories Covered:

EHASS focuses on proceedings that address various dimensions of addiction studies:

  • Biochemical complexities of addictions
  • Societal consequences of substance-related addictions
  • Behavioral addictions and their implications
  • Prevention and intervention strategies
  • Policy and legal considerations in addiction

Editorial Structure:

  • Publishing Editor: To be announced. This role governs the comprehensive publishing process, maintaining the highest industry standards and ensuring timely content release.
  • Series Editor: Prof. Dr. Kultegin Ogel from Kent University, Turkey, guides EHASS's content trajectory, guaranteeing its quality, pertinence, and novelty, in alignment with the editorial board's strategic vision.
  • Editorial Board: Consists of distinguished academicians and researchers. For a detailed list, visit here.
  • Review Assurance: Each entry endures a rigorous double-blind peer review, preserving author anonymity and ensuring unbiased evaluations. The editorial board offers signed attestations to verify the thoroughness of this process.

Ethical Compliance:

  • EHASS’s editorial boards fervently uphold its foundational ethical standards, championing the purity and credibility of academic content within its confines.
  • Author Guidelines: Clear directives for potential contributors are available, discussing manuscript acceptance prerequisites, anti-plagiarism measures, and other vital parameters. For detailed information, please visit author guidelines page.

ISSN Information and Title Consistency:

  • E-ISSN Acquisition: In progress.
  • Source of ISSN: Secured from The General Directorate of Libraries and Publications of the Ministry of Culture of Turkey.
  • Proceedings Title Consistency: A pledge to align our online platform with the official ISSN registry.
  • Display of ISSN: Upon receipt, the E-ISSN will be prominently exhibited on our main digital portal.

Core Features:

Corporate Communication:

Vision, Scope, and Aims:

For an in-depth understanding of EHASS's guiding principles and editorial trajectory, consult the dedicated sections. Positioned at the vanguard of addiction research dialogues, EHASS unveils its editorial ethos at here.

Publisher's Note & Ethical Standards:

Steered by Emanate Publishing House Ltd., EHASS aspires for extensive indexation. Central to its essence is an unwavering devotion to academic morality, mirrored in our guidelines and Code of Ethics, advocating consistent adherence by contributors.

EHASS Features:

  • Review Rigor: Ensuring academic prominence.
  • Open-Access: Widening global accessibility.
  • Indexation: Eyeing reputed platforms, including Google Scholar with goals for TR Dizin.
  • Plagiarism: Employing iThenticate for content genuineness verification.
  • DOI: Allotting distinct IDs to each proceedings entry.
  • Archival: Partnership with CLOCKSS ensures lasting content preservation.

For further details or inquiries, reach out to us at Admissions@Emanate.Education.

Book and conference Proceedings Titles

No books in this series yet.

Upcoming Volume: Effective Drug Control Strategies in Northern Cyprus: Challenges and Opportunities in 2024

Proceedings of the Panel on "Effective Drug Control Strategies in Northern Cyprus: Challenges and Opportunities in 2024", 15-17 April 2024, Kyrenia, Cyprus

Kültegin Ögel

Series: Emanate - Highlights from the Drug Abuse and Addiction Studies Sessions

Volume: 1

Pages: 1 - 97

Publisher: Emanate Publishing House Ltd.

Published: 01 July 2024


No articles in this book series yet.
No articles in this book series yet.