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Publication Charges

Transparent and Ethical Fee Structure Aligned with Scholarly Publishing Standards

Overview of Charges

  • Direct Billing: Authors are not billed directly by EHASS for publication charges. Instead, these costs are covered through the registration fee paid to the conference organizer. This model aligns with our commitment to ethical and transparent financial practices in academic publishing.

Fee Structure

  • Range of Fees: The registration fees, which include publication costs, typically range between €300 and €400. These fees are contingent on the registration window, and we encourage authors to take advantage of early bird rates.
  • Inclusions in Fees: It is important to note that these fees cover not just the participation in the conference but also the costs associated with the publication of accepted manuscripts in EHASS.

Web of Science Alignment

  • Transparency in Costs: In line with Web of Science standards, we maintain complete transparency regarding the breakdown of publication charges. Authors can refer to the conference's official website for detailed information on fee structures.
  • Commitment to Ethical Publishing: Our approach to handling publication charges reflects our commitment to ethical publishing practices. We ensure that financial considerations do not influence editorial decisions, in compliance with WoS's emphasis on integrity and transparency in scholarly publishing.

Further Information

  • Detailed Breakdown: For a clear and detailed breakdown of the fee structure, authors are advised to consult the official website of the conference organizer (www.academics.institute).
  • Queries and Support: Should authors have any queries regarding the fee structure or require further clarification, our support team is available to assist.


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