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Correction and Retraction Policies

Maintaining Academic Integrity in Accordance with Web of Science Standards

Commitment to Integrity

Emanate Publishing House Ltd. is unwavering in its commitment to academic integrity and excellence. We uphold the highest standards in preserving and maintaining the scholarly record.

Adherence to COPE Guidelines

  • COPE Compliance: Our policies for corrections, addenda, retractions, and updates are in strict adherence to the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) guidelines, which align with WoS standards for ethical publishing.
  • Crossmark Policy: For detailed information about our Crossmark policy, which ensures the integrity and version control of our publications, please refer here.

Correction and Retraction Process

  • Identification of Errors: When errors are identified in published work, we promptly address them through corrections or errata. This process is transparent and maintains the article’s historical record, in line with WoS requirements.
  • Retraction Criteria: Retractions are considered when work is significantly flawed or ethical breaches have occurred, such as plagiarism or data falsification. Our retraction process is guided by COPE’s retraction standards, ensuring academic rigor and responsibility.

Transparent Communication

  • Notification to Readers: Corrections or retractions are clearly communicated to readers and indexing databases, including WoS, to ensure the integrity of the academic record.
  • Public Record of Changes: All changes to the scholarly record are publicly documented, providing a clear history of amendments for transparency and accountability.

Ensuring Rigor and Accountability

  • Editorial Oversight: Our editorial team diligently oversees the correction and retraction process, ensuring that all changes uphold the integrity of the scholarly work and adhere to the highest standards of academic publishing.

Web of Science Alignment

WoS Compliance: Our correction and retraction policies are designed to meet the rigorous standards set by the Web of Science, ensuring that our practices align with the best practices in scholarly publishing.

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