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Striving for Excellence in Academic Indexing


Web of Science Core Collection

Emanate - Highlights from the Drug Abuse and Addiction Studies Sessions (EHASS) is dedicated to achieving recognition in the prestigious Web of Science Core Collection™, specifically targeting the Conference Proceedings Citation Index - Social Sciences & Humanities (CPCI-SSH). Our ongoing efforts are guided by an in-depth understanding of Clarivate Analytics' stringent selection criteria. We are committed to:

      • Adhering to Clarivate's Selection Criteria: Ensuring that each publication in EHASS meets the high standards of quality, originality, and academic significance as required by Clarivate Analytics.

      • Demonstrating Academic Impact: We actively monitor and document the citations and academic impact of our publications, striving to showcase the influence and relevance of our work in the field of Drug Abuse and Addiction Studies.

      • Maintaining Transparency: Our selection process, editorial board qualifications, and publication ethics are transparent, adhering to international best practices in academic publishing.

Current Indexing Achievements

      • Google Scholar: EHASS is indexed in Google Scholar, enhancing our visibility and accessibility in the global academic community.

Future Goals and Transparency

      • Progress and Updates: We will regularly update our community on our progress towards inclusion in more prestigious indices, including the Web of Science Core Collection™.

      • Realistic Expectations: While we are committed to comprehensive and timely indexation, we acknowledge the competitive nature of the process and cannot guarantee a definitive timeframe or acceptance in any specific index.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to excellence in academic publishing drives our efforts to achieve broad recognition and indexing in renowned databases. We believe that our rigorous approach, combined with the scholarly value of our content, will pave the way for our inclusion in esteemed indices like the Web of Science Core Collection™.

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