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Originality and Plagiarism

Upholding Academic Integrity in Line with Web of Science Standards

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Commitment to Original Research

  • Use of Similarity Check: Emanate Publishing House Ltd. employs the Similarity Check service, powered by CrossRef and iThenticate software, to ensure the originality of submissions. This robust plagiarism screening tool contrasts submissions against a vast repository of scholarly works and web content, aligning with WoS standards for original research.

Defining Plagiarism

  • Forms of Plagiarism: We recognize various forms of plagiarism, including global, mosaic, and verbatim. Unauthorized reproduction of words, ideas, models, images, or data from another source without proper attribution is strictly prohibited, in accordance with WoS guidelines.

Handling Plagiarism

  • Zero Tolerance Policy: Any instance of plagiarism or duplicate publication is viewed as a serious breach of research integrity. Manuscripts found with significant plagiarism will face strict actions based on the severity of the infraction, aligning with WoS's emphasis on academic integrity.

Challenges in Plagiarism Detection

  • Acknowledging Limitations: We acknowledge that some authentic papers might elude indexing services, posing challenges in identifying plagiarism. We are committed to continuously improving our detection capabilities to uphold the highest standards of academic integrity.

Ethical Policy and Research Conduct

  • Guidance and Resources: For more information on our stance and directives regarding ethical research conduct, originality, and proper referencing, please refer to our Ethical Policy section.

Web of Science Alignment

  • Adherence to High Standards: Our policies and practices for ensuring originality and preventing plagiarism are in strict adherence to the principles set by the Web of Science. We continuously update our processes to align with the evolving standards of scholarly publishing.

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