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EHASS - Emanate - Highlights from the Drug Abuse and Addiction Studies Sessions

Aims and Scope


Published by Emanate Publishing House Ltd, the Emanate - Highlights from the Drug Abouse and Addiction Studies Sessions (EHASS) is an esteemed international open-access proceedings journal. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of academic integrity and rigor, essential for consideration by prestigious indices like the Web of Science (WoS) Core Collection™. 

Scope and Focus

Our mission is to advance knowledge in the fields of substance-related and behavioral addictions. We prioritize groundbreaking research and insightful developments in this critical area of study.

Inclusivity in Methodology

EHASS welcomes a diverse range of submissions, including empirical research, meta-analyses, longitudinal studies, and detailed case studies. We value a wide spectrum of methodological approaches, from quantitative and qualitative to mixed-method research. This inclusivity reflects WoS’s emphasis on comprehensive and diverse academic contributions.

Topics of Interest

We focus on a broad range of topics within addiction studies:

  • Substance Use Disorders: Including nicotine, alcohol, cannabis, and both illicit and prescription drug usage and dependence.
  • Behavioral Addictions: Covering areas like gambling, internet use, social networking patterns, food-related behaviors, sexual behaviors, and exercise-related patterns.
  • Addiction Assessment & Treatment: Emphasizing pioneering assessment techniques, modern treatment modalities, and state-of-the-art strategies for harm reduction and recovery support.

Commitment to Advancing Knowledge

We invite researchers and scholars to contribute their innovative perspectives and challenges to existing theories. Your research can significantly contribute to the dialogue on addiction studies and is vital for advancing understanding in this field.

Alignment with Web of Science Criteria

  • Relevance and Originality: We ensure that all submissions are relevant to our scope and contribute original insights to the field, in line with WoS’s emphasis on novelty and academic significance.
  • Rigor and Quality: Our commitment to rigorous peer review and high-quality research aligns with the WoS’s standards for academic excellence.
  • Global Contribution: We encourage submissions that have a global impact and contribute to international academic discourse, reflecting WoS’s focus on publications with broad academic influence.

Invitation for Collaboration

We earnestly invite you to collaborate with us in this endeavor. Together, we can expand the horizons of addiction studies and make a meaningful difference in this vital area of research.

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